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Tory | 19 | I like pretty words and pretty dresses

constantly struggling with myself is wearing me down

people are depending on me and i dont even have my shit together how cani possibly help others?

Anonymous said: Ugh, you're perfect, why can't there be more girls like you where I live, you shouldn't get down on yourself you're gorgeous, I wish you were mine

Thanks. Im sure you will find a lovely girl!(:

really really tired of being thought of as a naive stupid child.




     I don’t wanna say goodbye
                                               someone tell me why.

im not fucking crying at all

Im not crying your crying

i really need some straight edge people in my life right now. i feel so completely alone.

I’m surprised my panic attack waited this long to strike. I hate myself.

why do i keep trying to convince myself that i can be okay with this when i obviously never will be

the lack of conclusive facts has only made me more uneasy.

i have to get my ass in gear. i have to.

I’m not mentally prepared to go to work for an extended shift today.

laying in bed naked eating chicken fries

for a moment, i am happy

I wish so many things were different.

super hungry and no idea what to eat

I wish I could just fall asleep. Tonight is not a good night. I’m not okay.

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